Retrieve Saved Tax Application

How do I retrieve a saved application form?

When you saved your application – you would have received an email from us.

You can access the forms for a total 30 days before the link expires.

  1. Search your email inbox for ‘saved application form‘ and the name of the form you were filling in. i.e. CIS, PAYE, Self Assessment.
  2. Follow the link and enter your details. You’ll now be able to continue filling in the form.
  3. If you have a previously saved application from our old website please email us at with your full name and we’ll email you a pdf copy that you can print off, fill out and scan back or post back to us. Alternatively, you may find it quicker and easier to start your application again if you were just at the start. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we hope you’ll forgive us as we’ve made things a lot easier for you on our new site.
  4. If you have any issues and these process haven’t worked, please email us, reach out to us via our web chat, or feel free to call our office.

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