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Have you filed your CIS Tax Refund yet? If you work in the trades and are a Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), member you are able to claim for a number of expenses when filing for a tax refund. Complete your CIS return online and our agents will file your return and contact you should they have any questions. We offer either an upfront fixed fee or commission on the refund service. If you need any assistance with completing your CIS tax refund, send us a chat message or feel free to contact our agents by phone or email.

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CIS Tax Returns FAQ for Construction Industry Tax Refunds

I work in the Construction Industry Scheme, how do I claim a tax rebate?

On a CIS basis you are taxed at a very high rate (20%) and allocated no free tax allowances. You can also claim extensively for any work related expenses such as; accountant fees, travel, telephone, tools, clothing, etc. It is a complex process and to ensure you get the maximum tax rebate download your CIS Tax Refund application form here.

With over 25 years experience and 1,000,000 satisfied clients, we are market leaders in our field. Our aim is to secure you the maximum return in the shortest period of time. We offer the most competitive rate, a superior service and a bonded agent with the Association of Tax Agents (ATA).

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