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Find out about the latest PAYE Tax News from our team of UK Tax accountants. Read our helpful PAYE tax guides and find out how what you can and can’t claim for on our PAYE UK Tax Return. Claiming a UK Tax refund can be a complicated process and 9 times out of  10 you won’t know what you could be claiming for. Read our PAYE Tax articles or speak to one of our UK based Tax Agents today. 

UK Tax Refund Guide 2023 – 2024

Managing taxes can be a complex task, especially for individuals unfamiliar with the intricacies of [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Claiming UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents

Introduction to PAYE Tax Refunds As a non-resident of the United Kingdom, you might think [...]

Why The PAYE System May Hurt You

The PAYE or “pay as you earn” tax system is one that harms a lot [...]

New PAYE “Real Time” System Might Create Future Tax Discrepancies

Earlier this month, the HMRC rolled out a huge change to the PAYE system called [...]

What is PAYE Tax?

Are you wondering how to make sense of your payslip each month? You may see [...]

How to Claim a PAYE Tax Refund 2020-21

Feeling out of pocket despite working every hour that God sends? Well then, you may [...]

How to claim working from home tax relief

If you need to know how to claim to work from home tax relief, then [...]

PAYE Taxpayers Qualify For Working From Home Allowance

Have you been working from home throughout COVID? Chances are that you have right? PAYE [...]