PAYE Taxpayers Qualify For Working From Home Allowance

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Have you been working from home throughout COVID? Chances are that you have right? PAYE taxpayers are eligible to claim a working from home tax allowance and if you could also qualify for equipment reimbursement and travel expenses. After the COVID pandemic kicked off, we all deserted city life and retreated to our dens. During this time the country has been rapidly building home offices and this is not all being repaid by our employers. If you have paid for essential work-related items, you may be able to claim a PAYE tax refund. When you think about it, that means most people in the UK can claim a tax refund. What are you waiting for, start your tax refund claim now!

Working from home tax refunds

Working from home

Unknown to many taxpayers, is a provision under The Income Tax Act of 2003 that allows Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) employees to deduct the expense of tools and equipment they use in their work. It’s a common misconception that this deduction is only for the self-employed. In fact, if your tools and equipment are necessary for you to carry out your job and you have not been reimbursed by your employer, you qualify for the deduction. Acceptable claims include the cost of buying, maintaining, repairing, cleaning, or any other associated expenses.

PAYE Taxpayers Qualify For Working From Home Allowance

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How to claim a working from home allowance tax refunds

The “Flat Rate Expense” provision offered to PAYE taxpayers is the easiest way to claim the deduction. You are not required to keep receipts, although it’s always advisable. Flat-rate expenses are based on the average amount someone in a certain industry spends on tools and equipment. Thus, you could qualify for even more than you actually spent. The HMRC negotiates the rates with trade unions and industry bodies, ensuring fair and accurate averages. There are literally hundreds of job categories. You’ll need to identify the one that best fits your work. The average amounts vary based on industry, but you could be entitled to £150 or more. Use our free tax refund calculator to find out how much tax back you could be owed.

If you feel you’ve spent more than the average flat rate refund, you do have the option to submit original receipts for your equipment usage to the tax office. You’ll receive a refund based on your taxable income minus the total expenses from your receipts.

How do you claim a working from home tax refund on your work equipment?

Working from home tax refunds

It couldn’t be easier to claim a tax refund

The enactment of the Income Tax Act of 2003 opened the way for numerous deductions for PAYE taxpayers. If you’ve used your own vehicle, bought equipment, paid for professional organisation fees, or maintained a work uniform anytime since 2004, you are most likely entitled to claim those expenses. Let us help you get the tax back that you’re entitled to. Our professional UK tax accounts will act as your advocate with the HMRC. Simply hit the PAYE tax refund page in the menu and start filling in the form. There is no charge to file a tax refund application, and we offer a no refund, no fee service, we simply deduct a low percentage fee and you get your money back.

Seriously, file your working from home tax allowance and any other work-related expenses that you are eligible for. It’s your money, take a few minutes, and take a look at our tax refund application. You can save the application at any time and come back later to complete it. Remember, no refund, no fee = nothing to lose.

File a tax refund application for working from home allowance

We’ll take care of processing your tax rebate from start to finish, ensuring the correct forms are filled out and processed in a timely manner.

If you need some help and want to go through your situation you can always contact us for a free, no-obligation tax rebate consultation.


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