Oil & Gas Industry UK Tax Refunds

I work in the Oil & Gas industry, how do I claim a tax refund? We offer a no refund, no fee UK tax return service for Oil & Gas industry professionals. Do you work offshore? Are you on a rig for 183 days per year? Start our online UK tax return application and find out if you’re owed a tax refund.

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If you are an offshore employee paying UK tax while working on rigs / installations, you may be due a 100% UK tax refund. Taxation of Oil & Gas rig workers is a very complicated system, especially in the North Sea. Factors that are taken into consideration are as follows:

  • Your country/place of fiscal residence.
  • The position of the rig / installation, e.g. UK sectors of the North Sea, non-UK sectors etc.
  • The total time you spend on the rig annually, usually it is best to keep it under 183 days per tax year.
  • Your employer’s place of residence, etc.

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