Our statistics show that nearly 55% of you are due a Tax Refund by claiming for your uniform expenses. If your job involves you wearing a uniform that is provided by your employer, for example a Nurse, or Policeman, Traffic Attendant or say you have to wear a t-shirt with a company logo (something that you wouldn’t normally wear outside of work), then you can claim an expense for the cleaning/laundry of your uniform.

How much tax can you claim for work uniforms?

This depends on the job that you do, so it’s best speak to one our agents so that we can determine what you are personally eligible to claim. For example, you may be able to claim for buying the uniform or for maintenance, repairs and cleaning.

How do I claim tax back for my work uniform?

When filling in your tax return form you’ll be asked to answer questions that will determine how much and what you can claim for. The best place to start is by filling in our online UK tax refund form or calling our helpful team.

What happens if you didn’t claim your tax for an old job?

You an also claim this expense going back 4 years, so it could add up to a sizeable refund. Apply now and find out.