We reclaim an average refund of €880. What’s yours?

Have you worked in Ireland the last 4 years? Have you changed jobs? Are you a member of a Trade Union? Married? or have Kids?

If so, you could be entitled to a tax refund. And that’s just the start of it – there are so many ways we can get you a Tax Refund. The tax system is so complicated that people often don’t realise that they’re entitled to a refund. We use our expertise to help people negotiate the maze and help you reclaim your money. What’s more, if you don’t get a refund, we won’t charge for our services.

We will help you calculate your tax credits and find out how you can claim refunds on PRSI, Income Levy and Income Tax.

To find out more about what we can offer,  download an application form now.

No Minimum Fee, no hidden charges. Our Commission rate is just 12.5% + vat of the refund.  Apply now for a hassle free tax service.

Red Oak Tax Refunds are registered as Tax Agents with the Revenue Commissioners. Because we specialise in PAYE tax, we do not have to compromise in getting the maximum possible tax refund for you.

We have been producing tax refunds for our customers since 2007 and are proud to offer excellent service, customer focus and a skilled tax refund team.

All tax assessments are submitted by qualified accountants so you can be sure that your case is being dealt with by qualified personnel.

Do we get paid if you do not get a refund? No. Your interests are our interests and we don’t forget that, which is why we offer you our no refund, no charge service.

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