3 Of The Most Unusual Tours In London

The Most Unusual Tours In London

Keen to do something a bit out of the ordinary on your UK working holiday? Whilst the usual tourist fare is fine inLondon, it can seem a bit obvious or clichéd after a while, especially if you’re a seasoned traveller looking to discovernew ground and try something different. Without further ado, here are our recommendations for three of the mostunusual tours of London.

Chislehurst Caves Tour

Chislehurst Caves are a fascinating series of tunnels constructed by hand and said to have been used by Romans,Saxons, and even Druids! There is a lot of historical intrigue to the Chislehurst Caves; over time they have been host toheart-racing tales of murder, smuggling and more, and were even put to use as enormous air raid shelters during WWII.

Pedibus Tour

Forget a typical tourist bus, one of the coolest ways to explore the streets of London is with a pedal-powered Pedibus.With space for up to 12 people, renting a Pedibus is a great way to take in the sights whilst having a lot of fun in theprocess. Each bus even incorporates a VIP platform and bar table for refreshments to add to the fun and frolics. Ideal forseeing the city whilst bonding with your fellow travellers.

Hidden City’s Cryptic Covent Caper

Fancy yourself a bit of a detective? Relish the romantic notion of exploring the West End and Covent Garden via aseries of cryptic clues sent to you via text message? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should definitely checkout the Cryptic Covent Caper organised by Hidden City. The final clue will bring you to a bar or cafe where you cantreat yourself to a pint or a cuppa to reward your puzzle-solving skills.

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