5 Reasons To Claim Back UK Tax

Reasons To Claim Back UK Tax

Apply For A UK Tax Refund

Think you overpaid tax? If you were in the wrong tax code for a long time, then it is highly likely that you paid too much tax. If you are unsure, ask. Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t claim a tax refund because of misconceptions.

Some people think tax refund is not worth the effort, what with all the paperwork and effort involved, which would only pay out less than £1000. But money is money, regardless of how much. And a tax rebate is rightfully yours.

What You Can Do with a Tax Refund

1. Recover tax overpaid from your pay packet

Regardless of how small a tax deduction is, which is rare, you worked hard for that amount. So the only person who should be enjoying that tax money should be you. Don’t let someone else reap what you sow.

2. Have money for a summer holiday

Are you planning to travel this summer for a well-deserved holiday? The text rebate you receive could prove helpful in your travel budget. It may not pay for the entire trip, but at least you will have extra funds to use.

3. Add to savings account

Add a few pounds in your savings account with your tax refund. Make your rebate go a long way by using it to grow your money.

4. Enrol in a course

Use your tax refund wisely. Use it to make you wiser and more skilled, by paying for a new course to pursue. Education is a great investment, after all.

5. Get a new summer wardrobe

Reward yourself for being such a good taxpayer by using a tax rebate as shopping money. Retail therapy may just be what you need.

Think you may be due a tax refund? Apply here to get your tax back.

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