5 Things To Do In Shoreditch On A Saturday

Things To Do In Shoreditch On A Saturday


One of the original hipster meccas, Shoreditch could be described as being to London what Williamsburg is to Brooklyn, New York. If you’re here on a UK working holiday and yet to explore the intimidatingly hip district, here five great ideas for things to do on Shoreditch.


The coolest thing about shopping in Shoreditch is the variety of unique and boutique shops in the area, offering everything from bespoke perfume to cutting edge fashion. It’s best to venture into a Shoreditch shopping trip with an open mind and a readiness to have your expectations confounded.

Indie Cinemas

If you like your films independent and arty, Shoreditch’s cinemas are for you. Venues such as Richmix are renowned for providing a platform for less well-established films and filmmakers with an ethos that places art above the mainstream commercialism the average high-street cinema has come to represent.

Street Art

Some of London’s most interesting and innovative art can be found not in museums or galleries but actually on the streets of Shoreditch. There are even organised tours available where an enthusiastic and informed guide will show you the best that the area has to offer in the way of contemporary graffiti.

Street Food

Street food is very trendy right now, so it makes sense that Shoreditch has a plethora of stalls selling everything from Mexican burritos to Japanese hot dogs. Pump Street Food Market and Shoreditch Food Village are both highly recommended for anyone seeking to sample some fine hipster cuisine.


If bars and clubs are your thing, a visit to Shoreditch will not disappoint. The area is home to 333Mother which boasts a 4.30am license, an unusual thing to find in the UK. Aside from this there are an abundance of other trendy clubs catering to all types of musical tastes and pop-up bars serving the finest craft beers and gourmet burgers.

Get your taxback to enjoy your time in Shoreditch and London!

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