A guide to travelling cheap across Europe

Europe is known to be an expensive destination. However, recent developments have made it easier for travellers to see Europe fairly inexpensively. The low budget airlines, weaker currency exchange rate and the latest bus options combine to allow visitors to explore Europe without spending an inordinate amount.

7 Ways To Travel Cheap Across Europe

Board the Megabus

If you book a trip in the Megabus (megabus.com) about a month ahead (popular route) your ticket will cost approximately 2 USD or a little more. The Megabus will take you across England, Wales, Scotland, Brussels and Amsterdam. It is the cheapest way to travel across the United Kingdom and a little further. Alternately, you could travel on the national bus system which is pretty inexpensive.


Busabout (busabout.com) is a similar service to OZ and Kiwi services in Australia and New Zealand. You can hop on and hop off the buses and meet plenty of other travellers. Buy tickets that allow you to travel the length of their entire network. They will set a number of stops.

Eurail Pass

The Eurail pass (eurail.com) allows travellers to access railway networks in 28 European countries. Train rides across Europe are bound to be soulful experiences. You will be able to gaze at the beautiful landscape or read a book in peace as the train chugs along. It is definitely much more comfortable than taking the bus. Individual train tickets can be expensive, especially longer journeys. Your Eurail pass is going to be the best budget friendly option.

Budget Airlines

There are number of airlines operating in Europe and consequently most budget airlines offer appealing deals. If you’re lucky you can even get a deal as cheap as 1 to 2 USD. Here is a list of budget airlines.

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