A New Hobby Thanks To Your Tax Refund

UK PAYE Tax Refunds

It’s really common for students to be taxed under the PAYE system, which isn’t designed for those in full-time education. Working part-time or during the holidays can often result in students overpaying tax, and would therefore be entitled to a tax rebate, extremely handy if you’re thinking about taking up a new hobby with so much free time on your hands. Check out what could be taking up your Sunday evenings once you receive yours.

Water Walking -Most people only dream of walking on water but with a water walking ball, setting you back about £300, you can make the dream a reality. Thanks to the invention of the Tzip, providing a flexible watertight seal, it’s not only magicians and Jesus that can do it; this amazing creation will test your strength and agility, but also give you hours of fun, whether you take it to the lake or use it in a swimming pool.

Skiing- Want to be one of those people that goes on a skiing holiday every winter? While your tax refund may not stretch to two weeks in the Alps, you can become an expert in this impressive sport. Ski centres are dotted around the UK and offer everything from taster lessons at £20 to a whole-day course for under £200.

Surfing- The UK might not have the weather of Australia’s east coast and Florida, USA, but our waves are just as mighty to ride on a surfboard. Newquay is the king of surfing and, as a result, has numerous schools to choose from. Fistral Beach is the centre of Newquay’s surf opportunities, with powerful, swelling waves, and the surf school offers two-and-a-half hour sessions for £65 in low season, and £75 in high season. Escape Surf School and Cornwall Surf Academy also provide lessons throughout the year, so what are you waiting for?

Rock Climbing- from indoor sport climbing at a gym to trad climbing with a partner, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop the skills of rock climbing. From taster sessions to six-week courses, you can invest your tax rebate on learning from the best professionals in the country on climbing, equipment and rope work, and then purchase the tools to go out on your own.

Skydive- This one might not become so much of a hobby, but what a way to spend your bit of extra cash! From £150-£250, you can experience the adrenalin rush of jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet with a trained instructor strapped to your back and a parachute to land you back to earth safely. From Strathallan in Central Scotland to North London, view the country from extreme heights thanks to your tax return.

If you get your tax rebate, you could start a new hobby, even a new lifestyle that you’ve been thinking of trying. With that extra bit of cash, just think of the possibilities!

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