Help Guide for Australians Looking for Work in the UK

UK PAYE Tax Refunds

This help guide for Australians looking for work in the UK is set to help you get started as quickly and comfortably as possible. Australia and the UK share a longstanding relationship that enables citizens to live and work in either country with as little hassle as possible. Apart from a stress-free way to gain entry to the UK, Australians have plenty of help in finding a job in London or the rest of the country.

Taxback to the rescue… With our help guide for Aussies Looking for Work in the UK

UK Working Holiday

Restless World

As UK visa specialists, Restless World assists Australians and New Zealanders with all the requirements of working and living abroad. Weather for sponsored work, permanent settlement, Youth mobility and Ancestral visas, Restless World can help.

They also offer a job accommodation package that comes with a 7-day guarantee that you will be able to work within a week upon your arrival. Partnerships with agencies also enable them to set you up for pub work or live-in nanny work.

Overseas working holidays (OWH)

OWH are experts in providing working holiday experiences in the UK and around the world. With longstanding relationships with recruitment agencies, resorts, airlines, accommodation providers, and tour operators, OWH can offer the best travel deals and excellent choices in job opportunities. For anyone looking to work in the UK including Australians, they offer an arrival package that includes information on job hunting, a SIM card for your phone, and an option to meet and greet certain people. Unlike Restless World, however, OWH does not offer a job on arrival.


BUNAC specialise in work and volunteer or intern programs abroad and the youth travel industry and they are by far one of the best choices for young Australians who wish to work in the UK. They provide a ‘starter pack’ with employment support. The company promises to get you started and provide access to quality intern programs at reputable UK companies that will aid your CV for when you return home or travel on to your next destination. 


Prospects specialise in finding skills graduates opportunities in countries all over the world. Their UK Work Guide provides people coming from overseas a great summary of tips and advice for getting started including advice on wages and how to find teaching, temp and internships. 

The Working Holiday Club

With a slogan that states ‘Get paid to see the world’, you know what you’re getting from The Working Holiday Club. From jobs in pubs with accommodation to teaching jobs, construction to accounting, sales to Promotional jobs at festivals and events, the guys are connected with some of the best and most fun industries in the UK. 

  • UK Starter Packages & Working Visas program opens up opportunities for you to get started on your journey to working and living in the UK. This includes Job Starter Packages where they can help you land a job in Construction & Trades, Teaching Assistant or as a Qualified Teacher.
  • Live-In Pub Job Placements where you can work in a pub, minus the stress of searching for accommodation the moment you arrive.
  • Nanny job in Europe UK is ideal for those who wish to work as a nanny overseas. The Working Holiday Club can organise live-in childcare placements or help you find work in other child care programs, such as a qualified nanny work, au pair or mother’s help positions.

There are plenty of other organisations and groups that can help Australians find work in London or across the UK. Some of them are based in Australia, while others are in the UK, but are just as accessible through the power and connectivity of the world wide web. 

Planning on working in the UK on a Youth Mobility Scheme Working Holiday?

Are you planning on working in the UK on the Youth Mobility Scheme Working Holiday? Get Clued up on UK Tax and find out how to go home with up to £1500 in your pocket. Read our helpful guide on PAYE tax refunds now.

Feature Photo by Kevin Bluer on Unsplash

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