Claim Your Tax Refund Before You Leave The UK


Did you know that if you’ve been earning and paying tax in the UK as a temporary resident on a UK working holiday you could be eligible to claim a tax refund?

If you’re still based in the UK and have all the relevant documents to hand, you may find it easier than trying to claim after you have left. Saying that, even if you’ve returned home, you can still claim a tax refund following your working holiday in the UK. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it once you return home, as long as you make the claim within six years after the tax year you’re applying for.

How much you can claim for will depend on how much you have earned and paid tax within the financial year. You can use online tax calculators to help you work it out, or alternatively you can use a tax refund company to help process your claim.

To make a claim you’ll need either a P60 – a document which you receive at the end of the tax year – or a P45, which you’ll be given at the end of your employment. If you are leaving the UK, your employer should make sure you have this before you travel.

The sooner you claim, the sooner you will have your tax refund – it can take around 45 days for a claim to be processed, a little longer if you have to wait for your P60 or P45.

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Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

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