Claiming a Canadian Tax Rebate from the UK

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If you worked in Canada for a certain period and received remuneration, you may be eligible for a tax rebate that you can claim in the UK. Just make sure you have your T4 Slip or Statement of Remuneration Paid slip with you.

Steps to claim a Canadian tax rebate from the UK

Determine your residency for tax purposes

You are usually considered a non-resident if you live in another country, live outside Canada throughout the tax year or stayed in Canada for less than 183 days within the tax year. The same is true if you don’t have significant residential ties in Canada – a spouse or common-law partner, a home or social ties.

Determine the type of tax you pay

As a non-resident receiving Canadian income, you may be subject to Part XIII tax or Part I tax, both of which outlines where taxes are deductible. To ensure that you don’t overpay tax, you must inform Canadian payerrs/employers that you’re a non-resident for tax purposes, and a resident of the UK. It is important that you file your tax return, so you can elect to file a claim.

Use the right tax package

In filing a tax return, there are several tax packages that you can choose from:

General Income Tax and Benefit Package, along with Guide T4058, Non-Residents and Income Tax, if you only receive income from employment or business use in a particular province or territory.

General Income Tax and Benefit Package, along with Form T2203, Provincial and Territorial Taxes for 2015 – Multiple Jurisdictions, if you receive other types of income, such as capital gains and bursaries.

Income Tax and Benefit Package for Non-Residents and Deemed Residents of Canada if you only receive other types of taxable Canadian-source income.

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