Cruise Ship Entertainment Careers

A Kaleidoscope Of Opportunities

Cruise ships generate untold millions of pounds in revenue each year and a considerable portion of this revolves around the professional entertainers that keep the guests happy during the journey itself.

As you may imagine, these positions are in high demand and thus, appreciating the auditioning and hiring processes for these acts is essential. So, let us take a look at what is involved as well as some of the most respected companies throughout the United Kingdom which represent valuable contacts in the field.

Initial Contacts

There are generally two ways to go about obtaining a job as a dancer or entertainer aboard a cruise ship. The standard approach would be to send a CV and cover letter to the cruise line in question (Princess Cruises, for example). However, it should be noted here that literally thousands of individuals will submit these queries each season; the competition can be quite formidable.

The second option is to speak with specific agencies that will act as intermediaries between the cruise ship and the performer. Thankfully, there are a number of these to choose from in the United Kingdom. Some of the most respected are Cast-A-Way, Mermaid Group and a site simply known as As they tend to be experts in the field of recruitment, procuring their services is a worthwhile venture. Of course, it never hurts to submit queries to many sites at the same time; adding another “string to the bow” can help to guarantee that one will maximise his or her exposure.

Auditioning 101

Assuming that a cruise company is initially interested, the auditioning process will now begin. This will normally start with a semi-formal interview (much like a traditional job application). If they are pleased with the initial interaction, they may wish to see a recorded performance (such as in the case of a musical group) or even ask the applicant to join a dance ensemble to ultimately determine his or her discrete skills. In the event of a dancer (due to the aforementioned factor of competition), it is wise to employ the use of a dance agency for representation. Some of the most respected within the United Kingdom are:

Of course, these are but a handful of the companies which are available throughout the country.

Finding The Opportunities Themselves

The first thing to keep in mind is that cruise ships can be quite seasonal in their nature. Thus, both the winter and the summer will tend to have the highest bookings (and thus the need for performers) while autumn and spring may see a slight decline. Secondly, it is best to apply to larger companies. While this may seem a bit challenging due to competition, we must never forget that cancellations may occur; thus opening the proverbial door for a new applicant. Normally, one will receive advanced notification if he or she is hired (one month or more in advance).

Securing a job as a cruise ship entertainer can be rewarding and exciting. Following these simple tips will greatly increase the chances of landing a job of your dreams!


Photo by Kellie Klumb on Unsplash

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