How do I know if I have to file a UK Self Assessment tax return?

You No Longer Need to Complete a Tax Return

How do I know if I don’t have to file a UK Self Assessment tax return? When dealing with Paye tax refund, or self-assessment tax return, you need to be on the ball and act quickly. Delays usually mean fines and penalties. HMRC expects a tax return on time, and if you think you no longer need to complete a self-assessment tax return, let them know as soon as you can.

What to do if you no longer need to complete a UK Self Assessment Tax Return

If you are now working for an employer Find out if you could be owed a UK tax refund using our Tax refund Calculator

Find out if you need to file a UK Tax return

If you think you no longer need to complete a tax return, call our team today and we’ll help you find out. If you do need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return, we can also help you with this. Depending on the time of year your circumstances changed, you may or may not still need to file a self-assessment tax return.

Paying UK Self Assessment Tax

When it comes to a UK self assessment tax returns, you must pay the tax that is due or HMRC could cancel your Class 2 National Insurance contributions. It is important that you provide HMRC and your selected tax agent with your correct address for the next 12 months. Maintain your records for the next 6 years: receipts, bank statements, PAYE tax refunds, etc. Don’t throw anything away. File it all. 

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What if I already received a letter from HMRC about my self-assessment return?

If you have received a letter from HMRC, but you don’t think you need to file a tax return, it’s best that you still contact HMRC or your designated tax agent.

What happens if I don’t contact HMRC?

Three things can happen if you don’t contact HMRC:

HMRC might agree to cancel it: you won’t need to submit it, and they’ll remove penalties.

HMRC might not agree to cancel it: you will need to file a tax return and explain the change in your circumstances.

If HMRC thinks you have not paid enough tax, they might agree to cancel the tax return, and issue you a “simple assessment”.

What Happens if I haven’t called HMRC yet?

If you have not informed HMRC, they will continue to send you Self-Assessment tax returns. HMRC may create an estimated tax bill for you. This legally due bill can only be removed by filing a tax return.

If in doubt, call our UK Self Assessment tax agents or email us at

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