Top 5 UK Recruitment Companies For Temp Work


Applying for temp work is a great idea if you need to find a job ASAP. It’s also ideal for you if you don’t mind switching jobs a few times each year and/or working in different companies.

Whether you’re looking to get some extra money during a working holiday in the UK, or want to top up your account during the holidays from college or uni, temping is a quick way to get good money in in roles that may benefit your career. If you’ve decided to get a temp job, you can find one through the following recruitment agencies…


REED offers a wide range of recruitment solutions including temporary staffing services. Its website,, was established in 1995 and was the first recruitment website that was provided by a recruitment agency in the country. Simply type “temporary jobs” into the keyword search bar to find a list of the available temp work opportunities throughout the country. You can search for different jobs in different industries including accountancy, education, transport and logistics, IT and telecoms, and health and medicine.

2. Tiger Recruitment

Tiger Recruitment specialises in both permanent jobs and temporary jobs. To get their help with finding temp jobs, you need to contact their Temporary Jobs Division and register with them. Once you complete your registration, you’ll have access to their portfolio of clients that need temporary workers on a regular basis. You can choose between short-term and long-term assignments as an office assistant, receptionist, junior secretary, and other positions.

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3. Hays

Hays has a strong presence in more than 30 countries and is one of the market leaders in the UK and Australia. They offer their services to those who are looking for contracting and temporary work and make around 40,000 placements every week. They can assist you with finding temp jobs in healthcare, financial services, call centres, IT, sales, and other industries.

4. Attic Recruitment

Attic Recruitment is different in that they specialise in temporary jobs only. This gives them an edge since they can focus solely on temp workers and have a deeper understanding of their special needs and talents. To use their services, you’ll need to send your CV to them through email. If they find your credentials to be suitable, they’ll invite you to register with them and give you a list of temp jobs that suit your skills and preferences.

5. Allen Associates

Established in 1998, Allen Associates stands out because they focus on four main areas of business: HR, Finance, Marketing, and PA/Administration. This allows them to fully understand the needs of companies in these areas and help temp workers find the best opportunities.

These are just some of the best recruitment agencies you can use if you’re looking for temp work. Before you apply with one, make sure that you won’t be assigned an emergency tax code. You can get emergency taxed when the HRMC doesn’t have all of your financial information, and this can make you lose the tax-free allowances that you’re eligible to get.

To avoid getting emergency taxed, you’ll need to submit your previous employment details to your new employer right away or complete the PAYE starter checklist if it’s your first job. But, if you have already been emergency taxed, there’s no need to worry since you can claim a tax refund.

Think you’re being overtaxed on your temp job? Find out here if you’re owed some tax back. 

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