Greedy Politicians Claiming Cheeky Tax Relief

Greedy Politicians Claiming Cheeky Tax Relief

Greedy Politicians

Claiming for expenses is a marvelous bonus of employment, but with all that possibility of extra cash, one can be tempted to take it too far – much like the politicians we entrust to keep the UK above water! If you’ve forgotten the gory details about the infamous expenses scandal, here are the five most outrageous things they claimed for!

Part-time Research Assistant aka His Son

Derek Conway (Conservative MP) claimed to have employed his son, Frederick, as a part-time research assistant in his office between 2004 and 2007 with an annual salary of £10,000, despite him being a full-time undergraduate in Newcastle. Following an investigation by the House of Commons Standards and Privileges Committee, there was no evidence of Frederick having ever done any work for his father. So, Conway was basically claiming expenses for having a son.

Jacqui Smith

The then Home Secretary has claimed for so many bizarre things, you would be led to believe that she is an expense to herself. Not content with claiming a second home in Worcestershire, it was also revealed that Jacqui Smith claimed for a toothbrush, a patio heater, a BBQ, a flat-screen TV and a bath plug, as well as her husband’s two Pay-TV pornographic films, as items that enabled her to perform her duties as an MP.

Swimming Pool Boiler

Michael Ancram of the Conservative Party was discovered to have claimed for the servicing of his swimming pool’s boiler, as well as a gardener, cleaner and housekeeper. While he agreed to repay the £98 boiler cost, he argued that the extra help around the house was neither extravagant nor luxurious – in his own world, of course.

Tudor Beams

Everyone’s favourite man to throw an egg at, John Prescott claimed £312 for the installation of mock Tudor beams in his constituency home, plus two toilet seats.

Horse Manure

Not a pleasant purchase, but extravagant and unnecessary all the same, David Heathcoat-Amory claimed for more than £380 of horse manure for his garden.

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