How Do I Claim Tax Back?

A  Guide to Claim Back UK Tax as a Migrant

Have you overpaid tax and submitted a tax return? In that case, HMRC will send you a refund; if you are not sure of the procedure you can always enlist the help of a professional tax consultant at You can claim back UK tax once your application is processed and even if you have not done a self-assessment tax return you can still qualify for a UK tax return; in this article, we list the options.

How do I Claim Overpaid Tax on Income

If your income is through employment and you pay tax via PAYE (pay as you earn) system, it’s possible you could overpay tax. There are varied factors leading to this which you will find in our blogs discussing overpaying tax via PAYE. 

If you have overpaid on tax, HMRC will reconcile your account and payback the extra amount at the end of the financial year, just make sure you get your facts and calculations correct, as there are penalties associated with over-claiming your UK tax returns; which is why recruiting the services of a tax consultant at will save you both time and undue fines.

How Will HMRC Issue My Tax Returns

The P800 calculation is used to determine the overpaid amount, after which HMRC will issue a cheque posted to your last address on record. Alternatively, you can request for the sum to be credited to your bank account. If you do not hear from HMRC at the end of the tax year after having submitted your UK tax back returns, you must get in touch with them. More conveniently one of our tax consultants working on your account will keep track of this and initiate the correspondence.

How Do I Claim Tax Back If I Stopped Working Part of the Year 

If you stopped working mid-way of the tax year and will not work for the rest of the year, you are eligible to claim some of the income tax paid before the end of the tax year. Ask us for more information.

How Do I Claim Overpaid Tax When I Leave the UK

If leaving the UK to work or live overseas, you can claim back some of the income tax you paid. You must submit form P85, available on the official website or make a claim online.

As there are varied options to claiming your UK tax back, an expert tax consultant will make the process easy, while ensuring you get the maximum from your UK tax returns, do contact us for a consultation and rest assured your tax matters are handled professionally.

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