How to Claim Back Tax From Australia

How to Claim Back Tax From Australia

Claiming Back Tax from Australia

When you return home after working in Australia, you need to lodge a tax return in order to claim back tax. If it was temporary, you will need to lodge an Australian tax return online after 30 June, upon your return to your home country. If it was permanent, you must lodge a paper return whilst you are still in Australia before your scheduled departure. As this will take longer to process, you must lodge a return well in advance.

Can you claim your super contributions?

Contributions in your super fund account will remain in Australia, while you are still in the country. But you can claim it as a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) when you return to your home country. The chances of you claiming it after you leave Australia depends on whether or not you:

  • Are a holder of an eligible temporary-resident visa, but not visa subclasses 405 and 410.
  • Were paid super contributions by your employer, while you are still in the country.
  • Have left the country, and your working visa has been cancelled or has expired.

Tax will be deducted from your fund, before your super will be paid to you. You also need to apply for DASP for you to get paid through three payment options – cheque, electronic funds transfer (EFT) to an Australian bank account, and international money transfer (IMT) – for fund applications only. DASP is usually paid within 28 days after you lodge a claim. You may also claim refunds for wine equalisation tax (WET), and goods and services tax (GST) at the airport or seaport when you leave. If you think you may be owed some tax back Apply here to get your tax back.

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