Greater Employment Opportunities by Spending Your Tax Refund Wisely

Spending Your Tax Refund Wisely

If you’ve been living in the UK and owed a tax rebate, you could use it to extend your skills and become a dream employee. Spending Your Tax Refund Wisely will mean more cash back in your pocket at the end of the year but this means you need to plan and think about what you can expense for work. 

Spending Your Tax Refund Wisely

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Improve Your Employability

Thanks to the power of the web, there are plenty of online courses that you can do at your own pace, or find a class that suits you and what you want to do. Make money from your refund by investing it in one of these great ideas.

Digital Marketing Training

Receive a practical and up-to-date insight into Digital Marketing and Ecommerce with Econsultancy.

From the Fast Track two-day course to custom-made programs to suit your needs and industry, you will receive the best knowledge on new marketing strategies using search engines, social media and email, whether you’re getting to grips with the digital movement or need to refresh your skills after time away from the job.

Bartending Course

Long gone are the days when getting the perfect head was the limit of a bartender. Nowadays, bartending has become an art, with customers expecting a show of epic proportions using lavish ingredients.

A bartending course will teach you such skills needed to work in a bar, restaurant, hotel or cruise ship anywhere in the world. Commit yourself to Shaker BarStore’s International Bartenders Course in London for £699, and learn the trick of the trade 8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday – Friday.

There are both theoretical and practical exams, as well as a free-pouring accuracy test, to earn your certificate and increase your employability in hospitality.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering might sound expensive and only affordable to those that have the income of Angelina Jolie, but it needn’t be. UNA Exchange offers people the chance to volunteer worldwide for a fee of £100-£300 for a three-month placement.

All you have to pay for is travel, and you could be working in an orphanage or replenishing forests for as little as half your tax refund.

The European Voluntary Service is a program completely funded by the European Union, allowing young people the chance to work in Europe for up to a year.

All expenses are paid and you are even given a monthly allowance, should your tax refund not give you enough to live on and enjoy your surroundings.

Start Your Own Business

A thousand pounds might not be enough to buy bricks and windows, but you can certainly set up your own shop on a market stall.

Don’t confuse it for what you see on the TV; a stall is a great way to start your own trading business, whether you’re selling apples and pears, electronics or home crafts, and some of the most recognized brands began from such simple foundations, including Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Innocent Smoothies.

You can rent a stall from your local council, or buy your own and just rent the plot. Depending on the location of the market, rent will vary, and many charge on a 12-week basis.

If your stock has the right pulling power and you know your numbers, you should see yourself gain a profit in no time.

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