Pizza Festival Comes To London

Pizza Festival Comes To London


Pizza aficionados take heed! Those with a penchant for all things pepperoni will be utterly enthused to learn thatLondon is hosting its very own pizza festival this summer! Taking place on 30TH July at Wembley Park, MySliceFest isan all-day event running from noon right up until 9pm.

As well as classic pizza, this exciting event will be providing many innovative and intriguing variations on everyone’sfavourite traditional Italian dish. These include, but are not limited to: pizza cones, pizza popcorn, waffle pizzas and XXL size pizza slices for those with an insatiable appetite for dough, mozzarella and tomato.

Particularly interesting is the pizza cone – think an ice cream cone, but with a cone made out of dough. Got that? Good,now substitute the ice cream for, you guessed it, mozzarella! And forget about chocolate sprinkles, because minipepperoni will of course suffice here. The pizza waffle also looks like a pretty incredible fusion of two of our favouritethings. Check out @myslicefest on Twitter for more sneak previews of their menu with plenty of appetite-whettingimages of some of the dishes that will be on offer on the day.

As well as all things pizza related, there will also be entertainment including live music, beer pong, and even a tomatothrowing contest! Tickets went on sale 15th February so make sure to get in there and secure yours to avoiddisappointment – this is one event you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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