Save Money in the UK, Experience More Than Money Can Buy

Save Money in the UK

Travelling in the UK isn’t the cheapest. You’re likely to spend more than save more, but you can stretch your money as far as possible.

How do you do this exactly?

Get Around UK the Cheapest Way Possible

  • Use ride-sharing apps to pay less on fare.
  • When travelling with friends, hire a London cab with a fixed fare and split the bill.
  • Use public transport, especially those that accept contactless payment—London buses and trams.
  • Ride on large bus (coach) services, especially when travelling to other countries throughout Europe. This is generally the cheapest way to get around.
  • Buy train tickets in advance, at least two days earlier to save more. A train ticket to Dorset, for example, will cost you around £15 if you buy two days ahead. But if buy it on the day of your trip, you’ll have to pay 4 times as much.

Enjoy UK For Free

Look for attractions and museums that you can visit and explore free of charge. Certain museums don’t charge entry fees on certain days. Visit during these times.

For a guide on a lot of free activities, grab a copy of Time Out magazine. It’s available every Tuesday from any Tube station.

Eat at restaurants that offer daily specials. Due to the number of restaurants in the UK, you’re likely to find great deals on food and drinks.

Know Where to Skimp on

London is not the only expensive city in the UK. There’s also Oxford, Winchester, Cambridge, Chichester, Brighton & Hove, Bath, Southampton, Salisbury, Canterbury, and many others.

If you find yourself in any of these places, keep your spending to a minimum and lessen the amount of time you spend in them.

Most importantly if you need to pay tax, do so diligently so you’ll receive more from your UK tax refund. Think of taxes as saving money.

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