Some of the Best Destinations for UK Working Holiday Makers

With a UK Working Holiday Visa, you get to work over any 12 of the 24 months that you are allowed to stay in the country, which means you can spend the rest of it travelling around the UK. Think 12 months of sightseeing and touring is too long? Well, you might be surprised of how long it would take to fully experience and immerse in the life, culture and beauty of the United Kingdom. There are destinations that are more attractive to UK working holiday makers, however.


London is where the young, the hip and the partygoers converge. Because it has everything for everyone, you can do a variety of things while in the capital. If you are up for a pub crawl, there are 26 pubs that you can check out. Do not ever leave one without having a pint. Now, for a fancy night at the theatre, Leicester Square is where you should be. As London’s home of entertainment and cinema land, it boasts of a cinema with the largest screen and the most seats. There are also other attractions in the area as well as clubs bars and restaurants.


If you are a huge fan of The Beatles, or you are simply curious as to the popularity of the band, Liverpool will be able to tell you the story. Start your trip with the Magical Mystery Strawberry Fields Penny Lane Beatles bus tour, and then end it in the Beatles Shop in 31 Mathew Street, where you will find some decent memorabilia of the band. You can further extend your discovery in history and art in the Tate Liverpool Gallery and the Walker Gallery.


In the UK, football is not just a sport, but a religion. Well, why not visit the holy ground of Manchester United, the most famous football team in the UK and the rest of the world? Tours are offered every 10 minutes daily, so you won’t have trouble getting a spot. Once the adrenaline recedes and the excitement ebbs, you can check out the bridges and boats of Castlefield.


If there’s one thing really famous in Edinburgh, it will be the Nessy. Although the chance of you seeing the real thing is slim, there are other things you can do while in the capital of Scotland, including a haggis tour. Since you will be in the UK for up to 2 years, you are likely to have a chance to join the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well. It is the largest arts festival in the world that brings in people from all over the globe.


As the only city with a status of World Heritage Site, you should not leave the UK without visiting Bath. Find out what attracted the Romans to visit this town in southwest England over 2000 years ago. Do not miss out on the opportunity to soak in the natural hot water that flows through the temple and bathing complex in Bath.

These are just some of the best destinations to check out, but there are still more you can discover for the entire duration of your Working Holiday Visa.

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Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash

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