Submit Your Australian Tax Return Overseas

Submit Your Australian Tax Return


If you’re an Australian resident currently working overseas, you need to submit an Australian tax return and declare your worldwide income. This applies to both assessable income and exempt foreign employment income.

Firstly, you must recognise your tax situation: whether you’re an Australian or foreign resident for tax purposes. You will remain an Australian resident for tax purposes if you’re overseas temporarily and don’t set up a permanent home and you’re working overseas.

You must then take into account all income, even if tax was already taken out of any income made outside of Australia. This income includes all wages, commissions, bonuses and allowances. If you’re working outside of Australia but still being paid by an Australian employer, you still need to submit a tax return and include this income. Foreign income that is exempt from tax includes Australian defence or police force work, and aid work undertaken overseas.

After submitting your tax return, it may result that you have been paying too much tax as a foreign worker and may be owed a tax refund.

You can submit your tax return and claim for a tax refund from outside Australia online or use a tax company like to submit it for you. We offer specialist services in Australian tax refunds as members of the National Tax & Accountants’ Association (NTAA). With no upfront payment and a no refund-no fee basis, you get to keep more of your tax back.

Contact us today to see if you’re owed a tax refund!

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