Summer Jobs for a Working Holiday in the UK

Be productive during the summer season by working in the UK for first time travellers to the UK, it can be an opportunity to go on holiday and earn at the same time. Summer is one of the busiest times in England and the customer service Industries would love to have you on board their diverse workforce.

What are your options?

Jobs in summer camps

  • Support staff for kids’ summer camps
  • TEFL teachers
  • Outdoor Sports instructors
  • Camp leaders

Jobs in holiday parks and campsites

  • Park wardens
  • Ground workers and cleaners
  • Reception staff
  • Entertainers
  • Security staff
  • Child care workers

Jobs in water sports and outdoor adventure

  • Qualified outdoor instructors
  • Group leaders
  • Support staff
  • Management staff
  • Entry level staff
  • Catering & support

Other summer jobs

  • Bar work
  • Retail work
  • Street or door-to-door fundraising
  • Theme park staff
  • Events staff

The list can go and on. When summer season opens in the UK, expect plenty of doors to employment to open as well. To ensure a productive and profitable season, make sure to prepare beforehand. This is especially true if you still need to apply for a working holiday visa. You need at least 3 months before your scheduled departure to lodge an application. So get started way ahead of the summer season.

Once you have a visa, you’ll then need to apply for the job, which is basically the same as other regular work. Skills, knowledge and other qualifications would still be considered. So if you have a job in mind, obtain the necessary skills and knowledge ahead of time.

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Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

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