Are You Due a Tax Refund? Here Are 10 Reasons You Might Be

Why You are Due a Tax Refund

Are you due a tax refund? Here are ten reasons you might be. Everyone likes to hear some good news now and again, and a tax refund will always be welcome.  As Employers start to hand out P60 forms to millions of employees, many of which could be due to a uk tax refund. There […]

What is the seafarer’s earnings tax deduction?

What is the seafarer’s earnings tax deduction? As a seafarer working outside the UK, you can reduce your tax bill through the Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction (SED). What is the seafarer’s earnings tax deduction and how do you claim it? Let’s find out Who is eligible for a seafarer earnings tax deduction? You are eligible for […]

The Life Of A Junior Marine Engineer

What It’s Like To Be A Junior Marine Engineer The role of a Junior Marine Engineer onboard a ship is quite a hands-on position, where he/she is expected to monitor the engine room. Not alone, however, there would be a second or third engineer to accompany. If you’re looking into the idea of uprooting and […]

Top UK Companies For Seafarer Jobs

UK Companies Best for Seafarers Working as a seafarer in the UK has its perks, especially where safety and welfare are concerned. The existence of a registered charity, the Seafarers UK, for instance, helps ensure that the lives of seafarers and their families are improved. More importantly, there are plenty of UK companies where seafarers […]

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