Taking A Gap Year? Why Not Spend It At Sea

Taking a gap year is so that you earn a bit of money and or to explore different experiences when you’re either taking a break from studies when you’re in between college and university or just taking a year out from work. Normally, you’d find a job when you’ve started your year out so that you are able to fund your trip away.

You’d work for a while so that you can earn the cash to book your tickets & accommodations as well as spending money for your trip and then go travelling. There’s a way you can earn your money and travel the world at the same time.

Working At Sea

Those jobs that you would be applying for on the high street, working in retail, a coffee shop or behind a bar working late into the night can be found somewhere else. Cruise liners are rich with job opportunities and this sector is one of the fastest growing in the tourism industry with numerous ships under construction and to be completed by 2016. In 2016 there will be 20 brand new cruise ships launched with a combined capacity of 60,000. These cruise companies will be provided those eager to apply the chance to work on board while they journey the oceans and seas.

The temporary jobs like bar, restaurant and retail that you would be working on your local high streets are also available on board a cruise ship. The difference (it’s a major one) is that you get to do those same jobs whilst at sea. You’ll be combining working and travelling the globe, what could be better?

Why Work At Sea?

Have a look below to see some of the main reasons why you should be considering your gap year at sea:

  • You’ll be travelling the world while you work
  • The money you’ll be earning is TAX FREE
  • You won’t have to worry about cost of living as your accommodation will be covered by the cruise company. The same for your meals & utilities costs
  • Your wages aren’t being spent on expenses so it’s all for you to spend/save
  • Great flexibility with working patterns
  • The time spent on board a cruise ship will be nothing like the repetitiveness of working on land
  • It won’t be hard to find a job as there’s a huge demand by the cruise companies

If those don’t encourage you to look into the great cruise companies that are always looking for eager and enthusiastic people to join their teams then think about when the ships dock. As you’ve been working throughout the time the ships have been at sea, when they dock and the guests will go on shore to enjoy the beaches and activities around the ports. And so do the staff on board the ships! You will get to jet ski around the coast of Mexico, scuba-dive in the Caribbean, water ski in the Greek Islands, parasail in the Seychelles, and you’ll actually been paid to do it!

Remember, when spending over half the year away from home you’ll be getting paid tax free, all expenses will be paid for and your wages can be saved by you. So when you return home you won’t just have the memories and stories to rub into your mates’ faces but, also a nice amount saved up for when you return to your studies or back to work.


Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

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