Tax Allowance For Teachers In The UK

Are You Making The Most Of Your Tax Deductibles?

There are several taxable allowances that teachers can claim for depending on what educational activities they undertake.

Here is a brief explanation on taxable allowances for teachers which include clothing, teaching union membership, and any other professional fees they are required to pay as part of their profession.

If you fall into a category of wearing a uniform of some description at work and have to wash it at home, then you very well may be entitled to a tax rebate from the HMRC. In fact, statistics show that 2 in 3 people who wear a uniform, or indeed compulsory protective clothing, to work are entitled to a tax refund on it.

Certain teaching staff fall into this category and depending on the type of educational employee you are, you could be getting a taxable allowance for teachers in relation to your uniform. As a teacher or education professional, you may already be getting tax relief on professional fees (such as union membership) you have to pay as part of your job, which is another thing you can claim for if you aren’t already.

P.E. and sports teachers will most likely be able to claim tax relief on any specialist clothing or equipment that they require for teaching certain activities. Washing and maintaining a sports kit is usually an allowable expense, however, items that are used outside of work will not apply.

Always make sure to submit your claims within the HMRC deadline as if you are late in submitting the claim, you will lose out on the money. If you are unsure if you are eligible to claim on an expense as a teacher, simply get in contact with the HMRC and they will be able to answer your question directly.

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