Key UK tax dates and Return Deadlines for the Tax Year

Mistake on my Tax Return

A Look at UK Tax Dates

You must stay updated on important deadlines effective for the tax year of 6th April 2019 to 5th April 2020. A professional tax accountant in the UK will not only ensure your taxes are filed in accordance to UK tax dates but will keep you updated on all new changes such as 2019 UK tax filing deadline.

A Look at the UK Tax Calendar 2019/20

UK Tax dates deadline are applicable from 6th April 2019 by which time HMRC or any other relevant authority must receive your payments or forms and by which your application must be received by HMRC in the event of a tax return claim.

In the case of applying for online tax claims or payments, do leave a week, at least, allowing enough time for the service to be activated by HMRC.

Ask your tax accountant for a monthly rundown of deadlines, which forms to submit and under which criteria; Stay ahead and avoid pitfalls.

Get help filing your UK tax returns

Getting Ready for the Tax Year End!

The end of the tax year is 5th April; you need to prepare well for this deadline; here’s what we suggest in order to stay abreast.

  • January – start compiling figures and collecting relevant documents, this will make planning your tax matters easy – remember January 31st is the deadline for self-assessments when claiming tax benefits from HMRC for the previous four tax years; these are areas our expertise as a leading tax consultant agency are beneficial to you. Which also brings explains the next step which is; get comprehensive advice from your tax consultant in the UK
  • March – Make those extra payments into your pension scheme – benefits include; maximising tax efficiency of your pension scheme, receive a tax relief based on your marginal tax rate
  • April – by the 6th make sure your self-assessment tax return is complete, for this get your documents in order – dividends and share vouchers

Employers Do the Compulsory Online PAYE Tax Filing

File PAYE information in real time; this includes,

  • Full Payment Submission (FPS) of employees
  • File VAT returns online if registered
  • File company tax returns
  • Pay corporate tax electronically – Get online (if eligible) with the digital tax system effective April 2019

Tax Deadline Dates for Submitting Regular Payments

  • Student loan deductions, PAYE and National Insurance payments need to be made monthly. Payments must be made for the month before or on a quarterly basis.
  • Electronic payments to be paid by the 22nd, or before if the date falls across a weekend
  • Bank payments by the 19th of a working day
  • Corporate tax needs to be paid within nine months and one day, of the year end for the company

As our services are extensive across a gamut of tax policies, you can rest assured your UK tax dues are submitted well on time and kept in check. Ease your burden and talk to us today.

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