Tax Information NHS Workers Should Be Aware Of

Do you think you have overpaid income tax? HMRC has adjusted their tax rules to help NHS staff to get more relief for their hard work.

You can claim a refund on the cost of uniform laundry if you wear and wash it at home because there are no available facilities at work. This is covered by flat rate expenses. The allowable rate of expenses ranged anywhere between £60 and £140.

Flat rate expenses on clothing allow staff to claim on certain forms of work related clothing. Female nurses, for instance, can claim allowances on the cost of shoes, as long as it follows a design specific for business use. They can also claim allowance on tights. Male nurses, on the other hand, can claim on the cost of socks.

You can claim on subscriptions you paid to a professional body under the HMRC policy. These include CRB checks that is reclaimable for tax purposes.

Both the flat rate expenses and the flat rate expenses on clothing are fixed, but the subscriptions vary, depending on how much they initially cost on the employees. The changes on these policies increase an employee’s tax code, allowing them to enjoy a greater level of income before they need to pay the basic tax rate of 20%.

When all these allowances are added, an NHS worker can enjoy a considerable amount on tax refund. But they would have to submit a claim in time to enjoy their entitlement. This is because such rebates are not paid out automatically by HMRC.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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