Tax Information for UK Oil & Gas Workers

Tax Information for UK Oil & Gas Workers
  • Your country or place of fiscal residence
  • Where the rig or installation is located, whether it’s in the UK sector or non-UK sector of the North Sea
  • The total amount of time you spend on the rig per year
  • The place of residence of your employer and other pertinent factors

Self Assessment (SA) Tax Return

If you are assigned in the UK sector of the North Sea, you need the SA tax return so you can claim full tax relief. This is because the tax back is usually available under the DTA.

Tax Refund

Even if you did not overpay your taxes, you are still entitled for a relief, what with all the taxable expenses related to your work. To claim oil and gas refund, you must have the P45 or P60 form from your employer. If you work offshore, you also need your SA tax return, employment pages, non-residence pages, and other relevant supplement, depending on your circumstances. Because the UK tax system is complicated, especially for oil and gas workers, it is best to seek professional help and advice from tax experts. Apply for your tax return now

Photo by Kevin Harris on Unsplash

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