Tax Rebates for Foreign Workers

Tax Rebated for Foreign Workers

Many people come to the UK to work because the employment opportunities and wages are more attractive than elsewhere, so when they find a chunk of their pay slip goes to tax, it can seem a bit unfair.

What many overseas workers don’t realise is that they are probably overpaying tax and can claim it back on a tax refund.

You are entitled to a tax refund if you are in the UK on a working visa and have been paying too much tax in the last four years.

How Much Tax Paid?

Your P45 or P60 can tell you how much tax you’ve been paying, how much income you’ve received in the year, any taxable benefits and any financial benefits.

A statement of earnings from your previous employer will also show the same information, and then you will be able to calculate the correct tax refund you are owed.

Tax Rebate Specialists

A tax rebate specialist is one of the best ways to get your refund, as they will be able to help you with what documents you need and help speed up the process than going it alone.

All you have to do is send them a completed claim form with your P45/P60/statement of earnings, and any other documents they request.

The specialist will then check all the documents and send them off for you, making it smooth and easy for you to get your tax refund.

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