Tax Tips for Kiwis in the UK

tax tips for Kiwis in the UK


The UK makes for an attractive option for New Zealanders wanting to take a working holiday. Here we take a look at a few tax tips for Kiwis in the UK.

When working in the UK you are legally obliged to abide by all applicable UK tax regulations. The first step upon arrival is to acquire your UK National Insurance Number. This is your unique personal identifier for all taxation purposes.

The PAYE system is in effect in the UK, and will automatically deduct your income tax and National Insurance contributions from your paid salary. It is important to note that the specific amounts deducted will depend on where you are domiciled for tax purposes. In addition you may be required to submit a self-assessment tax return to the UK tax collecting body – HMRC.

If you plan to work as a contractor or consultant you will be required to adhere to the complex IR35 regulations, and we strongly suggest hiring an accountant to help you with this.

Finally, you will be required to submit form P85 upon departure from the UK to outline all taxable income for the duration of your stay.

For further details specific to New Zealand-UK double taxation agreements contact HMRC directly in the first instance.

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