The Best UK Companies To Work For That Aren’t In London

On a Working Holiday in the UK, we understand why London would be the first place you’d try looking for work. It’s big, it’s iconic for business, and there are so many people! But you don’t have to work in the capital to have a good, well-paid job. These are the best UK companies to work for that are based outside of London.

Jive Software

A communication and collaboration solutions provider, Jive Software is based in Reading and promises a support network, brilliant environment and great salary with perks.


They may have offices in London, but the UK headquarters of Informatica are in Maidenhead. A software development company, they promise to provide an opportunity to work together on client projects in a smart, respectful workplace.


With roles available in technology, advertising, finance and business support, you can work at Auto Trader in the cheaper, northern England version of London – Manchester!

Holiday Extras

In an open-plan building in Kent, you get loads of benefits for working at Holiday Extras including discounted gym membership, Apple Macs and iPhones, dental insurance and wellbeing weeks to make sure you’re happy and in top shape for working!


So close to London but technically not, Mars’ UK head office is in Slough, so you can live and work outside of the city but take a last-minute jaunt by train or car when the mood takes you! An exciting, highly productive workplace, you can enjoy the perks of sports clubs, activity days and theatre trips while working on world-famous brands.


Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

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