Top Companies To Help You With Your UK Working Holiday

The Working Holiday scheme is a popular programme amongst young citizens of Australia and New Zealand, and other participating countries, offering a great way of being able to experience life in another country and fully immersing yourself into the culture, all while getting paid for the privilege.

The UK Working Holiday visa (which is also known as the Youth Mobility Scheme) allows those aged 18-30 to live in the UK for up to two years – the UK benefits from you contributing to the economy, paying taxes and buying goods and services whilst you take advantage of great work experience, saving money in a strong currency and travelling the world, as well as the opportunity of developing a deeper understanding of another culture and hopefully forming some life-long friendships along the way.

It all sounds great, doesn’t it? But where do you find a suitable job in the UK that will allow you to explore the opportunities that a working holiday can give you?

The good news is that you aren’t limited to what you do when you arrive in the UK – some of the most popular occupations include bar and restaurant staff, nannying, teaching, construction etc. It’s really up to you the type of jobs you might like to apply for.

Here are some examples of companies that can help:

The UK Pub Company

The UK Pub Company finds jobs for 1000s of working travellers in the UK hospitality sector every year. The majority of jobs are in and around London, but they can also place you throughout the rest of the UK if you are looking to experience life outside of the Capital. Typically, the work will come with accommodation so everything will be sorted out for you before you even arrive in the UK.

The company offers a great rate of pay as well as a great social atmosphere for travellers – as well as the fantastic opportunity to meet locals you’ll be able to network with other travellers in the same position as you.

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Freepackers can assist you to find work in either hotels, catering or sales, as well as helping to find you accommodation and even offer a starter kit including a SIM card, a map and a London Travelcard to help you settle into the local way of life. For those wanting to enhance their work experience in the UK there are also opportunities to undertake internships in a variety of business sectors.

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Live-In Jobs

Typically covering the hospitality sector, this service can help you to find a job which offers live-in accommodation so you don’t have the task of searching for somewhere to live on top of finding the perfect work placement.

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Heavenly Au Pairs

If you love working with children and enjoy the comforts of a family home, then becoming an Au Pair would be an ideal position. Job descriptions are likely to vary from family to family – different people have different expectations as you can imagine, but you will be paid accordingly for the work you do, be offered live-in accommodation (your own private room in the family household) and you will usually be provided with meals and a number of days off.

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If you’re sporty and enjoy being outdoors then becoming an activity coordinator could be an ideal way to spend your working holiday in the UK. PGL operates 15 activity centres across the UK and they offer a competitive monthly wage as well as meals and on-site accommodation. You’ll also have access to training and development opportunities and a FREE staff uniform.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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