UK Tax Travel Guides : Budgeting for Backpacking in Europe

UK Tax Money Saving Travel Guides : Budgeting for Backpacking in Europe

If you’re planning a trip in Europe then you absolutely have to budget. It’s essential for making the most of your trip and experiencing all the amazing places that Europe has to offer.
Budgeting is different for each individual – depending on your priorities. Some people know they want to go out at least once a week so they need to factor that in, whereas others may want to factor in the fact that someone’s birthday or Christmas is coming up.
With that being said, here’s a breakdown of some typical travel expenses that everyone can use.


In today’s day and age, smartphones are considered an essential – and taking one with you on holiday will help you loads. You can also take a tablet if you wish, but smartphones are more than capable of handling the challenge and they’re easier to keep track of.
Other essentials include things such as a good quality backpack, high-quality coat and shoes and plug adapters. Remember to include these things when planning your budget for your travels.


You’ll likely need some flights – at least from your home to your destination and back. So when planning your backpacking trip make sure to have a look at how to get the cheapest flights.


While we’re on the subject, how you’ll get around once you’re in Europe is so important. There are many ways in which it can be done – all with varying price results. Hiring a car, flying, taking the train or hitchhiking. It’s up to you, but when budgeting make sure to include this as it’s often something people forget.

Daily expenses

Although this is fairly difficult, try to work out how much you think you’ll need per day for things like accommodation, food, drink and activities. Many people forget this and end up surprised when they’re on their trip.

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