UK Taxation for Foreign Residents

Tax Refunds UK Expats Can Claim

As an employed expat in the UK, you are obliged to file a UK tax return and also claim tax refunds UK taxpayers are entitled to. Not all taxpayers can claim a refund on tax, there are conditions when claiming a UK tax refund. 

Taxback has helped many foreign residents in the UK file their income tax online, as well as maintain records, the procedure is complicated, especially for foreigners getting acquainted with National Insurance Contributions, PAYE tax and self-assessment tax returns

Sounds overwhelming, talk to one of our friendly tax accountants about your tax concerns and the UK taxation laws for foreign residents listed below.

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Are You Eligible for UK Taxation as a Foreign Resident?

A UK tax year falls within the 6th of April to 5th of April the following year and if you have been present in the country for 183 days or over, you are automatically classed as a UK tax resident. 

Also, if you are a regular visitor to the UK (average of 91 or plus days within 3 tax years) due to family ties, owning a business or property in the UK or any other work related issues, you will be classed as a tax resident in the UK.

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Residency Status in the UK

As an expat eligible to pay UK income tax, you first need to establish your ‘residency status’; which has many conditions and classes. There’s ‘residency’ and ‘ordinary residence’ and ‘domicile’ vs. ‘residence’. Categories you need to discuss with a professional tax agent in the UK to see where you fall on the tax paying scale.

The ‘Double Taxation Agreement’

An important advantage all tax paying foreign residents in the UK must be aware of; if your home country has a double taxation agreement DTA, with the UK government, you will be excused from paying a percentage of tax in the UK on foreign income. The DTA law protects dividends, royalties and interest paid abroad to foreign nationals in the UK from being taxed. Conditions apply.

Are You Eligible to Claim a UK Tax Refund?

Do you feel you may be owed an income tax refund from HMRC? Many UK expats have successfully claimed back refunds on overpaid income tax, even after leaving the country. Filing your income tax refund claim accurately will get the job done faster, with no delays; we highly recommend you seek professional help when doing so.

Contact us today and let’s evaluate your case! Does your home country have a DTA with the UK? Does your UK residency status require a 100% income tax? Are you eligible to claim £100’s as tax refunds given to expats in the UK? Let’s talk!

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