5 Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund To Further Your CV

Tax Refunds For Student Summer Jobs

If you’ve been in the UK on a working holiday and paying tax whilst doing so you may be able to claim a tax refund. If the refund is successful, you might find a great deal of cash just burning a hole in your pocket, but before you go and spend it on something frivolous why not do think about doing something smart with it instead.

Your working holiday will have no doubt given you some great experience but if you’re after something a little longer term, and more importantly better paid, then you’ll want to make sure you have a gleaming resume to show off to potential employers, so why not spend your tax refund on this instead? Here are just a couple of ideas to get you started:

Training & Qualifications

Depending on what career you’re interested in, it may be that you need to have specific qualifications to do so. Training can often be expensive so if you have the cash, then now is the time to do it. Even if there are no job specific training courses available, there are some qualifications that will stand you in good stead for many a job, and investing in yourself with regular skills and training always looks great on a CV.

Extend your travels

One of the main advantages of a working holiday is to travel to new places whilst getting paid to so! Once the job ends, many travellers simply go home because they don’t have the money to continue, however if you have received a tax refund then this could pay extend your holiday just that little bit longer. You could always look for another paid position in a different country, or why not take up one of the many volunteer positions that are on offer around the world. Giving your time, and not expecting anything back for it, is music to a potential employers ears!

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