Wear a uniform to work? Did you know you may qualify for a Tax Rebate?

If you are required to wear a uniform to work, do you know you may qualify for a tax rebate for the cost of maintaining it? From policemen to nurses to electricians, many UK taxpayers wear uniforms to work. Who qualifies and how can you collect your tax rebate?


It’s pretty simple. If you are required to wear a recognisable uniform to work and you are responsible for cleaning the clothing yourself, you most likely qualify for a tax rebate. Your job sector and the nature of your tasks are irrelevant. Even a basic t-shirt or polo that displays your employer’s logo qualifies as a “uniform.” The amount of your rebate will depend on your job and how long you’ve been wearing the uniform. The HMRC allows you to go back four years to claim your rebate. Four years of laundering can add up to a nice bonus check.

How to Collect?

You can submit your rebate by filling out the appropriate forms through the HMRC‘s website. A  second option is to save time and effort by using an agent, such as Taxback. Consulting with a professional tax specialist may also help you identify other rebates. For example, if you are a nurse claiming a rebate for your uniform, did you know you can also submit a rebate for the cost of your tights and shoes? If you are an electrician who has to pay for his or her own tools, did you know those expenses qualify for a rebate? Taxback can help find all the rebates you have earned. Contact us or apply online using PAYE Tax Refund Application.

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