Working Holiday Maker Jobs in the UK

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With any working holiday comes the blend of (yep, you got it) working and holidaying! Working during your travels is a great way to make friends and immerse yourself in the culture all whilst funding your adventures. Here, we take a look at some great working holiday maker jobs in the UK to give you some ideas on where to start your job hunt when you arrive in the UK!

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Hospitality work

If you’re a people person and you want to to meet new friends whilst on your travels then it could be a good idea to find a job in a pub or restaurant – it’s not known as the hospitality industry for nothing. If you don’t mind working evenings and weekends, this is a great way of meeting locals whilst earning money to fund your travels. Many pub and restaurant jobs come with live-in  accommodation too so you could wind up saving a heap on rent and food if you’re lucky! In fact many pubs and restaurants feed their staff, so it’s a great way to make sure the basics are taken care of.

Au Pair/Nanny

There’s not many better ways to get to know what life is like as a local than to live and work with a local family. The pay may be lower than some other professions however this is another profession that often includes  accommodation and meals. It’s a responsible position and you’ll need to love children but it can be a great way of spending your working holiday. Who knows – they might even take you on holiday with them!


If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there are lots of opportunities across the UK that will allow you to work outdoors and close to nature. Work may involve planting or picking crops, or it may involve helping out with farm animals – in most cases there will be long hours, a lot of physical exertion involved so it may not suit everyone but with endless fresh air, and accommodation provided it beats being stuck in the office from 9-5. Farming is also a great way of exploring the more rural areas of the UK.


Temping is a great way to top up your bank account without committing to any long term contracts. You can find jobs covering reception, helping with admin or even working events. Most bookings will be from a day or two or up to a month. It’s also a great way of adding to your CV whilst travelling if you’re feeling the pressure of finding a permanent job following your adventures. Read: The best temping agencies in the UK.

Whilst earning on your working holiday it’s worth keeping an eye on your  payslips as you may be overtaxed. You can apply here to find out if you’re owed a tax refund or email us at

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