20 Million Calls

20 Million Calls

Paying a Premium to Speak with the Taxman

“The taxpayers and claimants who phone HMRC do not have a choice about whether they interact with the department. Despite some welcome improvements, HMRC has acknowledged that its performance in providing services to the public has been unacceptable.

“HMRC faces difficult decisions about whether it should aspire to meet the service performance standards of a commercial organization. It could do only by spending significantly more money or becoming substantially more cost effective.”

Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 18 December 2012

Last year in the region of £33 million was spent waiting on the phone to talk with the taxman. However an HMRC spokesman said it was ‘determined to deliver the quality of service to which our customers are entitled.’

So how have they managed not to answer 25% of all calls with those who did get through having to wait an average of four minutes?

Here are some facts from the National Audit

Office (NAO):

  • 6.5million customers waited more than ten minutes to have their
    call answered;
  • Customers are charged a premium rate as soon as their call is
    connected (or left in a queue!);
  • One in four calls unanswered – 74% (20million calls
  • Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (Margaret Hodge) said
    taxpayers were getting a “substandard” performance;
  • It’s un-acceptable that HMRC uses 0845

What can you do?

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