Real Time RTI Causes Problems with End Of Year

HMRC Delays Tax Returns Penalty Notices

With the introduction of RTI the HMRC are trying to make Income Tax simpler, but fears are being raised that it is simply causing headaches and extra workload for Employers.

Whilst HMRC wants employers to provide correct National Insurance numbers for their employers in their PAYE submissions wherever possible, there will be occasions where a National Insurance number isn’t available (for instance, when an employee is under 16 years old). Read more 

There have been other problems already with a late change on which businesses need to implement RTI now, small businesses with less than 50 employees have been granted an extension to October. Despite the requirments it seems that HMRC’s computer systems have already had a glitch.

To make matters worse Thousands of staff at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have gone on strike, potentially causing difficulties for those looking to get their tax affairs in order.

The strike has been timed to fall at the same time as various changes to the PAYE tax system come in to place. Up to 55,000 workers at call centres and enquiry centres have been on strike during these changes, making contact with the HMRC challenging for many.

We can make it easier to claim your tax refund and save you the hassle of trying to reach someone at HMRC. We’ve already told you about the problems of trying to reach the HMRC back in december.

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