4 Things That go Through All Kiwi’s Minds When Arriving in the UK

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When you make the move across the world and finally land in the UK you’ll have a great time, but you’ll also spend plenty of time pondering what these strange island dwellers are actually doing. Here, we take a look at the most typical things that go through a Kiwi’s mind when on a working holiday in the UK. 

Why do they take their clothes off when there is a break in the clouds?

The moment the sun comes out you’ll see all manner of clothes being removed and lotion being applied. Because there are few beaches and ‘hot’ is anything above 20 C, the moment the magical barrier is broken be prepared for all sorts of shenanigans in the leafy parks the Brits love to inhabit.

How do I prove I’m not Australian?

You’re also going to have to get used to life as a mistaken Australian, there’s simply no way around that one! And you’ll need to have your polite replies at the ready as anyone and everyone asks you if you’ve been to the town where their great uncle moved to 50 years ago to escape the gloomy British weather.

How do I buy a pint of milk?

Don’t ask for the Dairy no matter what you do. In the UK a dairy is where cows are milked, and they call the Kiwi version of a dairy by a whole host of different names to confuse things further! Pick any of the following and see how you get on: Corner Shop, Grocers, Newsagents. If you feel like a true Brit then go for the ‘Offy’ option – but that’s if you’re after more of an Irish coffee!


The last thing to be aware of is that the locals think they have a half decent Rugby team. We know, we know, what can you do…

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