5 Things To Spend Your Tax Refund On

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Tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Here are our top five ways to make the most of your windfall.


Gain new experiences, meet different people and see the world off the back of your tax refund. Going travelling is fulfilling in so many ways that it’s one of the most valuable things you can spend your money on – however you get it. Whether you just take a city break or plan something more extensive, your tax refund can go a long way if you use it right.

Take a Course

Getting a tax refund is a great time to increase your employability, so why not use it to take a course and gain new skills and qualifications? There are part-time and online courses available in everything from marketing to engineering, so you can use your tax refund to climb up the career ladder or even jump onto a new one.

Pay Off Debts

It may not be as fun as jetting off somewhere or re-stocking your wardrobe, but using your tax refund to help pay off debts is not only smart, it means you can use more of the money you earn on stuff that makes you happy.

Tick Off Your Bucket List

Got something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the spare funds to do it? Whatever your dream, your tax refund can either pay for it or be a massive contribution to your fund. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, driving a fast car or following your favourite band on tour, your tax refund can help you achieve your bucket list goals.

Save in a High Interest Bank Account

And finally, the more financially prudent among you may wish to get your tax refund money working for you. Placing it in a high interest savings account and letting the interest accumulate can prove to be a wise move, ensuring you have funds set aside for a rainy day.

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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