Guest Article From BUNAC – Gaining Work Experience In The UK

Gap Year specialists BUNAC provide an insight into their work placements for working holiday makers to the UK. BUNAC provide a mixture of paid and unpaid internships for foreign workers to help you build you contacts and skills whilst working in the UK.

Today’s job market is extremely competitive and an internship on your CV is crucial for getting hired, no matter what the industry. In an increasingly global marketplace, an overseas internship puts you ahead of the competition, as it shows employers that you are driven and have experience working in an international setting. We’ve compiled our top 5 reasons to intern abroad in the UK with BUNAC, but this is just the beginning! Interning abroad will prove to be an invaluable experience and position you for success no matter what career path you choose.

Make your resume stand out

International internships and work experience make you much more likely to be considered by potential employers.

Develop international connections and resources

Building an international network will prove very beneficial for your future. Having letters of recommendation, references, LinkedIn connections and endorsements from employers abroad will impress everyone.

Explore the UK

This experience will give you the opportunity to see all that British culture has to offer; historical sights, world-famous shopping and dining, royalty, and much more!

Utilize BUNACs Support Package

Navigating an internship abroad can be a complicated process; BUNAC provides assistance, guidance and instructions every step of the way.

Increase and improve your personal skill set

Working abroad automatically shows that you are adaptable, driven, hard-working and cultured. Make the most of this experience and develop as many new skills as possible, these will prove to be great talking points at future interviews!

Learn more about Interning with BUNAC by visiting our website or contacting our staff!

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Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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