5 Ways To See Europe During Your UK Working Holiday

Ways To See Europe During Your UK Working Holiday

If you’re in the UK on a working holiday, then you’d be a fool not to take advantage of cheap flights over to Europe.

Europe is backed to the brim with diverse and unique experiences to be had this summer.

But here’s 5 of our top ways to experience Europe during your working holiday in the UK.

1. Head to a festival in Eastern Europe

It’s not secret that the drinks and cheap and Eastern Europe’s festival scene is booming, so why not seek out some adventures in Croatia, Montenegro, or Budapest this summer.

2. Interailing

Inter railing is still pretty cheap, so why not get yourself a ticket and spend a few weeks journeying from country to country, taking in the ever changing scenery of Germany, France, Spain or Italy.

3. City Breaks

With cheap flights readily available through sites such as Ryan Air and Easyjet, why not hop on a flight to Barcelona, Berlin or Lisbon and experience the sites of another city.

4. Volunteering

It doesn’t all have to be about you whilst you’re on your travels, why not join up with a volunteering program and go and teach or help in another country. Sites such as www.freepackers.com offer fantastic opportunities in France and Spain as well as other destinations around the world.

5. Roadtrip

If you fancy going with the flow and at your own pace, then why not jump in a car and self drive around Europe, starting off in France there are a number of routes you can take to experience the UK’s neighbours. Or join up with a tour company such
as StokeTravel.com and jump on one of their surfing road trips for a little more organised adventure.

Whichever way you choose to explore the choice is yours.

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