Tax Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

Tax Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

A graphic designer or art director is eligible for a tax refund from their personal tax return based on tax deducted from several things used in their line of work. These include meals and travel, work clothing, work tools & equipment, training fees, membership, books, phones & Internet, and general expenses.

Whether or not you can claim a tax refund, however, depends on different factors. For example, you can claim on meals you bought when working overtime, provided that you received an allowance from your employer. The same thing is true with meals and incidental expenses incurred when your work requires you to stay awake overnight, but with the added provision that the allowance provided by your employer should show on your PAYG payment summary.

For work clothing to be tax deductible, on the other hand, and eligible for a refund, it must be compulsory and should have a business logo. Otherwise, it would be treated like regular clothing with no tax relevance whatsoever.

Some of the least complicated expenses you can claim for a refund are:

  • Cost of buying and repairing work equipment
  • Cost of materials or supplies
  • Cost of annual association membership fees
  • Cost of media used for work, such as paid TV rental used for research, journals, books and magazines.

When it comes to general expenses, some of the tax deductions that you can claim on include bank fees that you may have to pay on any investment account, cost of insurance, tax agent fees and the travel cost of seeing your tax agent.

Since you can claim on seeing a tax agent, you should take advantage of such privilege.

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