7 Ways To Travel Europe For Cheap With Your Tax Refund Cash

Travel Europe for Cheap

Use your UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents to Travel

Europe remains a top travel destination. The continent while being fascinating is not cheap to travel on a small income, unless, of course you benefit from annual windfalls such as your UK tax refund for non-residents, that’s right HMRC is happy to pay back any over-charged tax, and while you can let us at Taxback.com concentrate on getting back your tax dues, this article shows you 7 ways to travel Europe for cheap.

1. Fly Budget Airlines to the Cheapest City  and Not the City you Intend

Europe is expensive in summer; October to April is cheap. Rome, Paris and London are the most expensive cities to fly into, scour the web and  find a city that’s not your intended destination but much cheaper to fly to, from there it will be cheaper to get to your intended destination via air, rail or bus; a pretty smart way to stretch your UK tax return.

2. Opt for Long Layovers and Explore More of Europe

No, don’t dread it, instead look for flights with layovers, make sure it’s during the day time and you may get to explore 2 places (one for free). Some airlines offer free accommodation for long layovers and if the destination does not require a visa to enter you can go explore!

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3. Travel Local to Explore Europe on a Budget

Europe travel is pretty laid back; rail services are prompt and comfy while local airlines are cheap and hassle-free. Mind you travel light as baggage rules are strict.

4. Stay Cheap in Europe

Couchsurfing, hostels, Airbnb, etc. are great options to enjoy a cheap backpacker holiday in Europe. Make new friends and absorb local culture too by staying local.

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5. Budget and Travel Frugally in Europe

Budget your expenses, look for free attractions and free tours; there are plenty you just have to research and make a schedule.

6. Eat Smart to Explore Europe for Cheap

Choose hotels offering free breakfast, and start the day with a hearty meal. Take along plenty of snacks from the buffet like fruit to keep hunger pangs at bay. Try to cook if your hostel has a kitchen.

7. Consider the Cheapest Time of Year to Travel Europe

Summer in Europe is expensive and crowded, spring or fall is good for being part of festivals and sports while winter means the continent is less crowded and cheap!

If Europe is your dream destination, you can replenish your budget with your UK tax returns offered to non-residents paying UK tax; talk to us for a consultation and let’s decide if and how much HMRC owes back to you.

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